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"My true purpose is to cultivate my own inner presence and awareness so that I will be of maximum service to you. I am a seeker of truth, a student of life, and I walk the path I teach. My mission is to coach people in ways that uplift, motivate, comfort, inspire, and heal.”  


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I am a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I’m deeply passionate about developing human potential and helping increase the richness in people’s lives. Having gone through my own process over the years, I understand the difficulties we have in confronting and overcoming aspects of ourselves that block our happiness. I am here to help! My approach is not only direct and results oriented but filled with compassion and calm. I use various coaching processes and exercises to provide you with the tools you need to bring more light into your life.


My commitment is to assist you in developing a change process that results in a long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We will dissolve the underlying (and often hidden) limiting beliefs that sabotage your road to happiness, serenity and fulfillment. You’ll become resilient to adversity and build stronger, lasting, rewarding relationships. I will give you tools to direct your energy away from negativity and lack of fulfillment to inner balance and living out your passions. My program will help you gain an understanding beyond what you thought was ever possible.


I’m available to speak to groups and organizations on various facets of coaching in the areas of career, finance, health, addiction, relationships and spirituality/personal growth. I offer interactive workshops, retreats and day long intensives to individuals, corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and other groups. Contact me for specific rates.

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