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"My true purpose is to cultivate my own inner presence and awareness so that I will be of maximum service to you. I am a seeker of truth, a student of life, and I walk the path I teach. My mission is to coach people in ways that uplift, motivate, comfort, inspire, and heal.”  


Every person has the ability to live a rewarding, joyful and triumphant life. Together we will create a game plan to help you get where you want to go or improve your current situation. No matter what your circumstances, my goal is to guide you in achieving contentment and success in every area of your life.


I am passionate about developing human potential and helping increase the richness in people’s life. My true purpose is to cultivate my own inner presence and awareness so that I will be of maximum service to you.

~lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu~

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.


Patti French is a certified master life coach through the World Coach Institute specializing in Addiction Recovery, Relationships and Spirituality.


Having personally walked the path of addiction into recovery, Patti understands the difficulties we have in confronting and overcoming aspects of our life that block our happiness. She is passionate about developing human potential and increasing the richness in people’s lives. You’ll find her approach not only direct and results-oriented but filled with compassion and calm.


Patti’s prior professional and personal experiences eventually drew her to life coaching. Today, she uses various coaching processes and exercises to provide her clients with the tools they need to bring more light to their lives.

Patti has taken extensive and additional training in life coaching to attain her master-level certification and brings her insights, training and unique perspective to her deep coaching, laser coaching and group coaching sessions.


Prior to becoming a master certified life coach, Patti French enjoyed a long career coaching successful sales teams. She has developed and executed targeted sales and marketing strategies and helped companies drive greater revenue growth. Through her strong communication and problem-solving skills, Patti was able to build more cohesive teams, develop new accounts, and create strategic alliances among business partners for mutual success.


In addition to her World Coach Institute certifications, Patti has taken some of the country’s most respected sales and business training programs. Today, she uses her vast professional and life experiences to improve the lives of her clients.​



"Patti's well-balanced, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle is instantly apparent, and her unique ability to share and communicate it will be forever appreciated. She has guided me not only through the lifestyle changes I was looking for, but through many I didn't realize I needed. The results have been powerful and progressive. I am eternally grateful to, and look forward to continued guidance, from Patti."


"Compassion is defined as the sympathetic consciousness and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.  Compassion is the word that best describes Patti as a person and coach.  I have had the pleasure of taking advantage of Patti's unique coaching skills on a number of occasions.  Her approach is no-nonsense, fun, and a bit edgy at times, all the while always filled with great empathy. Patti's great passion is to empower those encountering obstacles in their life.  She has helped me face my trials with courage, a large dose of faith, loads of forgiveness, and a belief that there is another chapter to be written in my life's story. I am forever grateful to Patti for helping me work through life's challenges with grace, laughter and humility."

- Lee

"Patti's friendship and mentorship have had lasting impact on both my life and career. In addition to her welcoming demeanor (which are immediately apparent), her incisive ingenuity and effective creativity truly changed the game, enabling both happier and easier work. Indeed, it was this bright synergy of her soft people skills and analytical acumen that ultimately helped engineer business methods to such a pitch that even the most struggling (misplaced) colleagues transfigured into high-efficiency gear. Truly impressive! In my mind’s eye, Patti is an archetype of leadership and a quality individual."

- Aaron

"Patti is a creative thinker who is always seeking new ways to improve her performance and that of her team. She also has a positive personality that leads to a productive work environment."

- Don

"Patti is a winner and makes significant contributions to any team she is on."

- Marian

"Patti French is a strong, professional and intelligent sales leader. She has always been very positive in her problem solving and a motivator to the team. She frequently helped with new hires since she was a certified trainer in our sales approach (in addition to her demanding job as a sales manager). She has helped many succeed."

- Catherine