Addiction Recovery


Is a substance, person or behavior

taking over your thoughts? 


Does a loved one suffer from an addiction and

you don’t know what to do?


Are you feeling hopeless, trapped—and wondering

when the joy will return?


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Addictions take many forms - drugs, alcohol, sex/another person, money (spending/gambling), sugar, food (anorexia/bulemia), technology, and more. These addictions create walls for us and those we love. As we repeat the addictive behavior - despite the adverse consequences - these walls grow thicker, isolating us from those around us, from any form of happiness . . . and eventually block the light of our life.


You don’t have to feel like your life is out of control - you can take the steps needed for sustained ​recovery  and inner healing with support. Patti understands from personal experience what addiction can do to a person’s life, and works with compassion to help you heal. She will guide you, as your life coach, along your path ​from the devastation of​ addiction ​into the joys of​ recovery.


Addiction Recovery Coaching with Patti French



There is an answer

Recovery starts with acceptance - of your addiction and of yourself. Together, Patti French will build a program that works for you​ if you work hard at it​, with the goal of long-term ​recovery which begins with abstinence and moves into and a productive lifestyle.  She will coach you through the steps you’ll take to overcome obstacles and create wellness from within. As part of her coaching solution, Patti will help propel you forward to break down the walls that your addiction has created, as you re-discover your courage and renew your discipline.


You have a second chance. Patti French can help you take it and succeed. As your life coach through your addiction recovery, Patti French offers the support and guidance you need to:


  • Combat negative feelings.

  • Acquire discipline through creating a daily routine.

  • Lose paralyzing fear.

  • Release the dependency.

  • Avoid relapse.

  • Build a support system.


Throughout your coaching collaboration, Patti will help you create the space for recovery in your personal life, learn to develop new and healthier thoughts and habits, and find ways to reconnect with family and friends.


Welcome home to yourself.





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