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Some healthy relationship signs

No games are being played.

Everyone is on the same page.

Communication is open, honest, and clear.

Loving deeds consistently reinforce loving words.

Expectations of perfection are strictly forbidden.

Honesty, vulnerability, and presence are held sacred.

There is a healthy blend of freedom and teamwork.

Personal growth is embraced, celebrated, and shared.

Give each other personal space.

100% trust.

Can talk about anything.

Inspire each other to be better.

Appreciate the little things.

Accept each other for who you are.

Hold each other up during tough times.

Relationship gets stronger over time.

Have fun, play and laugh regularly.

Effective conflict resolution skills.

Think about each other when you are not together.

Both perform random acts of kindness.

Know each others love language.

Enjoy the ways each has changed since you met.

Enthusiastic when something “goes right” for the other.

Know what each others aspirations are in life and are supportive of them.

Comfortable talking about things that make you feel vulnerable.

Feel safe and protected no matter what.

Each is allowed into the others emotional world.

Frequently express admiration for each other.

Feel a sense of being team mates.

Respect each others relationships with family and friends and view them as important.

Like exploring your partners body.

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