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Law of Attraction - Power of Positive Thinking

Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace, and harmony. You can attune your energy to higher frequencies just by deciding to do so.

Consciously move away from people, places and things that sap your energy. Only you have the power to improve your situation. There is help if you need it but you need to ask and it will be given abundantly.

Elevate your thoughts to attract what you desire. Several times per day, imagine that the situation was presently healed and perfectly manifested. Feel gratitude that it is already so in Spirit, which is the first part of attracting the material aspects of the situation.

Think about your desires and avoid wording or complaining. Rise up to the level of the type of person, place or thing you would like to attract. As your spiritual energy increases, you’ll find yourself less attracted to lower energies in relationships and situations. This is normal and you will learn how to deal with these endings and beginnings.

There is no down side for looking on the bright side!

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