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Radical Self-Care

Radical self-care is not simply about eating a salad or going to a yoga class or getting a good night’s rest, although those are by no doubt important examples of self-care. Radical self-care is about cultivating the courage and compassion to love yourself, live your truth, and sustain your passion.

Radical self-care is not about becoming a “better” person or changing who you are in any way. Radical self-care is about waking up to the reality that you are already good enough exactly as you are and exactly as you are not and taking steps to unfold into the person you were born to be.

Radical self-care is not about adding another “should” to your already unending to-do list. Radical self-care is about accessing the power to campaign effectively for days on end (if that’s what you feel called to do), the keen awareness to know when to take a break, and the wisdom to know when to say no and when to shout yes.

Radical self-care is about dancing with vulnerability and strength along the continuum between selfless and selfish. It is about internalizing the fact that in order to have the capacity to care for others, we must also care for ourselves, while at the same time understanding that caring for and fighting on behalf of our community may be our calling and an important element of our self-care.

I believe that we must also integrate a broad and deep commitment to social change into our definition of self-care. We are interdependent creatures. When our environment is threatened, so is our health. When an injustice is done to our community, it is done to us as well.

To create a more loving world, we must learn to love ourselves. To care for our planet, we must learn to care for ourselves. To cultivate an interdependent and inclusive culture, we learn to practice conscious communication in our own lives.

Our planet is at a turning point, and we have an important choice to make. I say we choose radical self-care. Let us not just survive; let us thrive. Let us learn to do the down and dirty and very real work of nourishing ourselves and our communities back to health. Let us be the ones who teach our society, our children, and our grandchildren to nurture ourselves. We can only do this by example:

Read a great book



Create a vision board


Breathe deeply



Eat healthy

Service/volunteer work




Drink water

Essential oils

Take a bath

Light incense/candles

Lavendar on your pillow and feet before bed

Silent day

Technology free day/hour

Practice healthy boundaries


Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Develop a sacred space






Live in the present moment


‘Me’ time

Hugs (give and get)


Let go of toxic relationships

Write “I LOVE YOU” in lipstick on your bathroom mirror

Reduce stress

Meet your own needs

Lower your expectations


Don't wait. Commit to radical self-care.

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