Do you have trouble managing conflict?


Are the same relationship patterns reoccurring?


Are you ​experiencing difficulty moving on after

divorce or breakup?


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Throughout our lives, we enter into many types of relationships - some we choose, some we do not. Whether it is with parents, siblings, friends, partners, children, co-workers or spouses, emotional maturity and self-awareness establish the foundation for healthy relationships.


We all want to develop fulfilling connections among family, friends and co-workers but that doesn’t come easy to everyone or occur naturally in every situation. As a master life coach, Patti French can help you work through relationship difficulties and overcome the challenges that arise from some common issues:


  • The inability or unwillingness to face reality

  • Accepting ourselves and others

  • Difficulty being honest with ourselves and others

  • Trusting our intuition, perceptions and instincts about relationships

  • Trusting those around us

  • Being accountable for our actions


Relationship Coaching with Patti French


Perhaps you want to learn how to be a better partner; or maybe you want to improve workplace relationships that are negatively affecting your performance or career path.


Patti will work with you to:


  • Uncover common themes in your life that hinder your ability to enjoy more positive connections.

  • Help you develop the emotional maturity around your relationships - with yourself and others.

  • Set realistic goals for personal growth.

  • Understand your commitment fears.

  • Develop better communication skills in your personal and work life.

  • Build a stronger foundation for healthy, fun, and loving relationships.

  • Work through the pain of divorce or a breakup and emerge more powerful and fulfilled.

  • Develop better ways to manage conflict.

  • Learn to become less judgmental and more accepting of alternative views or lifestyles

  • Set appropriate boundaries.


Using exercises and tools that encourage positive behavior you will create a more peaceful persona and forge stronger, lasting and rewarding relationships. You’ll become more resilient to adversity and more open to what others have to say. And you’ll learn to speak your truth and be who you are without being combative, negative or hostile.


Give Patti French a call - and start connecting positively with the world around you.



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