5 pack:  5 hours + unlimited emailing (phone, Skype or in-office)


10 pack: 10 hours + unlimited emailing (phone Skype or in-office)


Daily support:  20 min daily check-in + unlimited texting



Speaking engagements



Service descriptions:

Patti French offers several types of coaching services as well as different ways to deliver her coaching.


Addiction Recovery Sessions – Integrate the mind, heart, and body and move away from separation (addiction) into connection (recovery). Develop a change process that results in a long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Dissolve the underlying (and often, hidden) limiting beliefs that sabotage your road to happiness, serenity, and fulfillment.


Relationship SessionsUsing exercises and tools that encourage positive behavior you will create a more peaceful persona and forge stronger, lasting and rewarding relationships. You’ll become more resilient to adversity and more open to what others have to say. And you’ll learn to speak your truth and be who you are without being combative, negative or hostile.


Spirituality Sessions – Develop tools to direct your energy away from negativity to gain inner balance and harmony. Learn how to meditate, pray, contemplate, reflect, pause, ponder and proceed with mindfulness as your guide. Understand Chi, Chakras, living in the present and come to know a new peace and understanding beyond what you thought was ever possible.



Speaking Engagements / Workshops

Patti French is available to speak to groups and organizations on various facets of coaching in the areas of addiction recovery, relationships and spirituality. She offers topical seminars, interactive workshops, retreats and day-long intensives to individuals, corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, associations and other groups. 


Topics include but are not limited to:

Coaching Services


  • Team building

  • Change Management

  • Signs of Addiction in the Workplace

  • Internet/Technology Addiction

  • Mindfulness Techniques (24hr Zen)


  • Who Am I?

  • Developing a Game Plan to move forward from...

  • 12 Step Recovery Process Overview

  • Learn How to Meditate

  • Life Skills Training

*** any of the above can be combined into a weekend or week-long retreat





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