Are you experiencing anxiety and burnout?  


Do you feel disconnected from what makes you happy

or gives your life purpose?


​Do you feel enslaved by what you own?

Are you craving simplicity?


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Although our lives are often chaotic, reconnecting with our spirituality is the balm that soothes the soul. Working with a life coach can help you rediscover and reconnect with your spirit, live more in the moment, and attain a higher level of self-awareness and enlightenment.


Spirituality isn’t about religion. It’s about our inner spirit, the essence of each of us. And that spirit needs nurturing.


Spirituality is very personal and differs from person to person. However, most agree that with spirituality comes an overall feeling of: 


  • Having purpose and meaning in your life.

  • Living in the present with mindfulness.

  • Honoring yourself and the earth.

  • Calmness in a busy mind.

  • Contentment and purpose.

  • Indescribable OK-ness

  • Wellness.

  • Safety


Spirituality Coaching with Patti French



As a certified master life coach, Patti French will help your direct your energies away from the hassles and excesses of modern life to regain inner balance and harmony. She will guide you as you fill your sails with the wind of your personal light.


Using meditation, chakra release, REIKI, yoga, and prayer, you will learn to live in the present, nourished by openness, honesty, trust, love, mindfulness, sharing and self-reflection. Doesn’t that sound better already?


The process of transforming your life to reach your true self is an evolution - a personal journey, made all the more fruitful when guided by life coach Patti French.


Let it be





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